SteamPod 3.0 is the revolutionary new way to straighten and style your hair

We unbox the advantages of L’Oréal’s SteamPod 3 and show you the benefits.
Exclusively available at our Radisson Blu L’Oréal Salon (call now to order)

SteamPod 3.0 by L’Oréal Professionnel is the 3rd generation of the original professional steam styler. At its core, it uses the power yet gentleness of steam to transform your hair in a flash.

The previous version, SteamPod 2 featured a separate water tank and although contained all the same benefits but it was cumbersome and somewhat difficult to use outside of a Salon.

So SteamPod 3.0 underwent some serious changes, the main being that the water tank is now built into the stylers. Plus it’s 14% thinner and 37% lighter for improved comfort. This makes it much easier to use at home as your regular everyday styler.

The photo below highlights the main features 

Benefits of the SteamPod 3.0

The difference between a traditional hair straightener, or flat iron, is about the type of heat and moisture. With a steam hair straightener, as the steam is diffused from the plates, it infuses water into the hair’s cuticles before the heat and pressure smoothes them down. 

This moisture helps prevent potential damage caused by simply using a hot surface to force the fibre straight. The heat from the steam and the inbuilt comb of the Steampod mean you apply less pressure to the hair, and for less time than with a regular hair straightener. 

As a result, thanks to the steam, the hair looks shinier, fuller, and is less likely to develop frizz and flyaways caused by breakage.

So to give you some numbers, it’s 2x Faster, gets hair twice as smooth and all with 78% less damage to the hair compared to regular straighteners. Plus it reduces colour fading due to heat.

With normal stylers, hair often takes multiple passes with the stylers to get the desired look, this causes heat damage especially with more resistant thicker hair. SteamPod 3 massively reduces this number of passes to reduce as much damage as possible.

Don’t believe it? Watch this short video 

Easy Wave Creation and super fast

Styling waves with SteamPod has never been easier, thanks to the new rotative cord. Always section and pre-comb your hair. 

For natural waves, it’s as easy as placing a thin strand in the middle of the plates and wrap it around the tool. Then rotate the tool (arrows on the tool pointing to the tips of your hair) while slowly gliding downwards. Let the waves cool off for a few minutes before either shaking or brushing them for a natural-looking result. You can watch L’Oréal’s tutorial here.

It only takes a few minutes to have a salon-worthy finish with Steampod 3.0. For a speedy volumised effect you can take individual strands and glide the Steampod away from the head in at least a 90° angle to lift the roots. You can then Alternate directions to create a blow-dry effect.

Salons can usually charge extra for SteamPod treatment. So it can be seen as a salon treatment you can do quickly at home on your own if you own a pair.

steampod before and after
steampod before and after

How can you get a L'Oréal SteamPod 3.0?

L’Oréal’s revolutionary new addition to their styler lineup released only a few days ago.

It’s exclusively for sale at L’Oréal Salons (that’s us). We are now accepting orders for Christmas.

We’re discounting them at launch to £199.95 (RRP £235) so you can save a little for Christmas. They’re available from our Radisson Blu Salon and you can order one today. 

You won’t find these any cheaper online, even on Amazon!

To order you can: call 01534 671160, come into the Salon. Or message our Facebook or Instagram.

If you plan on purchasing it is a gift for Christmas, please order with us on or before the 14th of December to ensure their arrival before the 25th.

When ordering ask about the SteamPod styling creams for an even more pronounced effect

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